Friday, April 14, 2006

My miracle?!

Baby, I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting night and day
I didn’t see the time I waited half my life away
There were many invitations and I know you sent me some
But I was waiting for the miracle to come, I know you really loved me
But, you see, my hands were tied, I know it must have hurt you
It must have hurt your pride to stand beneath my window
With your bugle and your drum
While I was waiting for the miracle to come, you wouldn’t like it baby
You wouldn’t like it here, there’s not much entertainment
And the critics are severe, the maestro says it’s Mozart
But it sounds like bubble gum
When you’re waiting for the miracle to come
There’s nothing left to do
I haven’t been this happy
Since the end of world war II
Nothing left to do, when you know that you’ve been taken
Nothing left to do, when you’re begging for a crumb
Nothing left to do when you’ve got to go on waiting
For the miracle to come
I dreamed about you, baby
It was just the other night, most of you was naked
But some of you was light the sands of time were falling
From your fingers and your thumb and you were waiting
For the miracle to come
Baby, let’s get married
We’ve been alone too long, let’s be alone together
Let’s see if we’re that strong let’s do something crazy
Something absolutely wrong while we’re waiting
For the miracle to come when you’ve fallen on the highway
And you’re lying in the rain and they ask you how you’re feeling
Of course you say you can’t complain, if you’re squeezed for information
That’s when you’ve got to play it dumb
You just say you’re out there waiting
For the miracle to come

4 thought/s:

mits said... ca sa citez un clasic in viata, burlac, nefericit si frumos "you can't manufacture a miracle".

laura said...

miracolele vin.. trebuie doar sa le dai spatiu..

Alexandru` said...

Mee mee mee.rac.all! Mits, ba poti! N-am timp sa-ti demonstrez :). Io-s de partea ailalta, miracolele nu tre sa le astepti, daca e sa vina, vin ele, tu tre doar sa casti okii, da' daca nu vin, doar n-o sa stai aiurea, deci nu astepta un miracol, realizeaza-l! :)

Carmen said...

Fie ca le realizezi, fie ca astepti sa se intample, miracolele exista. Constientizarea lor este mai complicata.